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BetaJoint provides a new approach to joint armouring for internal concrete floors. Made with fewer raw materials than traditional armoured joints, BetaJoint is lighter, yet remarkably robust.



∙ Strong, durable joint arris protection.

∙ Unique grid-cut face (patent applied for) securely anchors the joint into the concrete along the whole length.

∙ Can be cut at any point without compromising strength.

∙ Radiused edges on the top inside corners reduce damage to forklift wheels.

∙ The sharp edge on the inside top face of each hole helps ensure a neat finish when trowelling-in.

∙ Compatible with a choice of plate dowels.

∙ A choice of straightforward installation methods.

∙ Available in galvanised steel as standard.



∙ Suitable for internal applications, particularly light manufacturing, pedestrian areas, general warehousing and distribution.

∙ Galvanised steel option suitable for external use.

∙ Ideal for free movement areas.

∙ Suitable for use with most vehicle types.